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Strategic Planning
Strategic Consulting
We provide a comprehensive range of Strategic Planning that begins with identifying the Vision of what you and your company would like in your business to be like in the future. Through this process we discover the your role in achieving that Vision, and Action Planning to solidify the map to get there; Strategic planning is an intricate process, it is therefore vitally important for groups to periodically undertake this process, and to implement the results, to ensure effectiveness and sustainability in the long term Strategic Planning will enable our clients to facilitate the following: • Establish a vision for the way that the company would like to enter into its long term future (10-20yrs), which will enable partners, decision makers and employees to achieve the conclusions for sustainability & growth of the business.
• Create an understanding of the external landscape in order to make informed decisions based on the best interest of the company through reliable information and in context to market trends.
• Provides an opportunity for all stakeholders to provide feedback, this is collected and presented in an
 objective way, giving the company valuable insight to things such as perception, value, structure, decision making, programs, operations, etc. • Evaluates strategic questions about the company and its intended role, and sets a foundation for the steps to address those questions.
• Highlights and promotes the company's accomplishments, and identifies areas for organizational strengthening, growth, expansion, development or improvement.
• Facilitates a proper plan incorporating the development of strategies together with timelines, members responsibilities, and planned outcomes so that the company maintains accountability.
• Provides opportunities to useful connections, resources, new ideas as well as coaching & mentoring along the way. This process results in a document that is the blueprint by which the leaders, employees, partners and all other stakeholders involved in the involved in the Company, use to ensure they are all on the same page about the Vision, role and principles the company holds, the strategic direction the company will move toward in future, how the company and its stakeholders will get there, the milestones to assess.
Our Consulting Services will provide the following Services which incorporate the plan above: • Facilitates the design of the process • facilitates the conversations to enable groups to address issues and move forward
• Ensures the accomplishment of goals, • Does the investigating to provide objective and accurate information about the context and views of stakeholders
• Assists the group to seek solutions to structural and strategic issues, in order to ensure results.
• We follow a method works, and is flexible in the approach to each group - knowing that each group is unique and has unique needs.
• Implementation of the strategic planning as well as all idea’s coming from the dialogs that are reflected in the plan will be implemented through our facilitation. C
Implementation Tools
Once A & B above has been concluded it is important to provide the necessary Implementation tools to ensure the plan is carried out successfully. Our Consulting Services will provide the following to ensure this: • Groups devise a strategy to ensure implementation of the Strategic Plan, both programmatically and organizationally.
• We supply specific tools to help with this process
• We supply mechanisms for dialogue, feedback & reporting
Periodic Assessments
Access to Resource Report & Completion Memorandum
Additional services to help with Implementation
A Periodic Assessment is vitally important to accomplish the plans & goals. We utilise these assessments to establish if the group have accomplished what was intended by the deadlines. We usually conduct these assessments quarterly in order to ascertain where we are relative to the Plan, where we are headed, and determine any deviations / adjustments of the plan and re-evaluate anything that is not working. Other features of the Assessments include: Assessments can be used by the group with or without the aid of a consultant. • The entire group can do this together, or assign to a subgroup who reports back. • Groups can use a consultant or volunteer to conduct the assessment and make recommendations.
• We can help with these assessments by facilitating the conversation with the group should the need arise. From time to time there may be a need for additional consulting help due to several action items which may arise. We can supply the following additional services to assist our clients: • Our knowledge gained during the Consulting process can be used to tailor the steps according to the needs of the organization more effectively.
• We can offer Organizational development and strengthening along with a range of other consulting services to assist in the implementation of the plan. A Report of all Resources & Information will be supplied at the end of each process, whether it's a full strategic planning process, a retreat or other dialogues, organizational strengthening process, or any other service we provide. This Report contains: • Notes from all meetings
• Findings from research conducted • Background homework / research Crazy Ant Consulting does when starting a process
• Any other relevant items so that the group can look back on the process and understand the thinking
• In addition, a "Completion Memorandum" is supplied with the Resource Report that points out any general observations we have noted. It highlights any major issues that should to be addressed in order to move forward, and offers recommendations and suggestions for issues that need specific attention.
Process Development and Execution
Technical Innovation
Crazy Ant Consulting also provides a Process development and execution function to assist in getting things done during new projects, initiatives, re-location, etc. • A well-designed and well-facilitated process and set of discussions is entered into
• The right people are brought to the table
• Conversations build on each other • All parties are on the same page with the same information to move forward.
• Background research is done, and barriers are broken down
• First brainstorming sessions take place with management regarding goals, needs, and players, and then designs the best process for moving forward. Our technology consultants have a unique perspective into the ever changing needs of our clients and take time to create and convert ideas into the new products and services that are essential for growth in a highly competitive economy. Even Economic downturns, companies continued to invest significant amounts of money on developing advanced technology and the innovation required to deliver new products, processes and services to market. • Crazy Ant helps our clients transform their innovation performance by combining our technology knowledge with our expertise. We cater for strategy creation, product and technology development processes, and organisational development. • Developing Innovative Technology plans: Our proven methods help our clients define their future ambitions and strategy and develop an action plan for implementation. We offer our clients service opportunities, supported by focused technology development programmes.
• Improving innovation & performance: Crazy Ant offers an innovative footprint coupled with a diagnoses of the barriers to successful delivery of new products and services and provides a focus for performance improvement programmes.
• Creating a culture of innovation through Technology: Success is largely based on driving Innovation & Technology. Without this drive, many companies fail to deliver. Crazy Ant’s organisational and cultural change expertise helps to remove the organisational challenges that often paralyse delivery teams.
Often Business Owners sacrifice so much for the growth and development of their company and during Economic Downturn or hardships are left rising expenses, and declining income. This is a very stressful time for any business owner and can lead to closure of the business if not handled quickly and correctly. Crazy Ant Consulting believes in an innovative, pro-active approach. We encourage our clients to never wait too long. At the slightest inclination of possible distress we have solutions that can help you: • We offer guided turnaround for businesses which often works well for business owners who realize that trying something different often results in better results than continuing on a course and possibly risking the life of their business.
• Company SWOT analysis (Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities / Threats)
• Competitive landscape
• Barriers to entry
• We answer all your questions, before reaching out for professional help, you may have questions. Let us answer them for you.
• We can rehabilitate almost any business by controlling the cash, while you develop a turnaround plan. • We establish a guide to accomplish the Turnaround process based on a turnaround procedure & plan.
• The Turnaround Process is particularly effective and will help re-establish a strong work ethic
• For business owners who recognize the value of an on-site Turnaround Specialist, we can be based at your office full or part time offering all day advice and assistance.
• Our Turnaround specialist will immediately assist you with your business and help you revive your company. We will meet and negotiate with your bankers, creditors, debtors, suppliers, etc. and guide you through the process.
Crazy Ant Consulting can: Dramatically increase our client’s Turnover and Net Profit in the space of one year.
Improve cash flow for your business by managing your debtors and terms properly.
New Business Development opportunities to your company as well as possible grant opportunities and funding.
Grow your business both geographically (throughout SA) as well as in other African Countries.
Develop and implement strategic business growth & retention plans.
Negotiate contracts, service level agreements, supplier agreements, other legal items, etc. Our unique ability to manage & guide organizations and our successful track record in growing, developing, streamlining and managing, makes us an invaluable outsourced business partner.